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Date Started February 10, 2007

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Uribag Urinal

  • Female Uribag Urinal
  • Description: The Female UriBag® Urinal is an easy to use adapted urinals that provides more convenience than adapted toilets. The compact storage tube, comfortable anatomical shape and durable construction allow the urinal to be used discreetly. The Female UriBag Urinal is a small, well-designed urinal for travel use that stows away neatly in a pocket or a handbag. After use, the tight-fitting top can be closed to prevent the contents from spilling, and the bag can be emptied later when convenient. The bag folds away neatly into the tube after cleaning so that it can be stored in a very small space, and is small enough to be carried in a purse. Light, but durable, this adapted urinal has a snap-lock seal top that provides a leak free seal allowing it to be used when lying down, seated or standing. The latex bag holds 32 ounces. The Female UriBag Urinal provides an easy to use solution for users who do not have access to a toilet. Female Uribag Urinal Specifications: Top mMeasures: 5 cm high, 7.5 cm diameter. Capacity: 1000 mls or 32 oz. Bag measures: 10.2 inches long. Material: Lightweight, durable material 0.4mm thick. Contains: Latex
  • Price: $29.95
  • Male Uribag Urinal
  • Description: The Male UriBag® is a discreet adapted urinal for men that is designed to easily fit into a pocket for easy access. This lightweight, collapsible urinals provides a helpful alternative to standard bulky urinals for men. The Male UriBag adapted urinal for men can be used discreetly, sealed, then emptied and washed later. For men with incontinence, this portable urinal is available whenever and wherever needed, and can be used while sitting or standing. The snap lock seal top does not leak.With a capacity of 1000 mls (32 oz) this durable latex urinal can be filled, snap-lock sealed to prevent leaking, and then emptied and cleaned when convenient. The Male UriBag provides users with limited mobility and easy to use solution for toileting independently. Male Uribag Urinal Specifications: Top measures: 3.2 inches long, 1.9 inch diameter. Bag measures: 10.2 inches long. Material: Lightweight, durable material 0.4mm thick. Capacity: 1000 mls or 32 oz Contains: Latex.
  • Price: $28.95
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