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Medical Reminders

  • Carex MediChest Curved Weekly Pill Organizer
  • Description: The Carex MediChest Curved Weekly Pill Organizer features a contoured design that helps make removing pills easier. This weekly medication planning system helps caregivers organize morning, noon, evening and bedtime medication doses. The Carex MediChest Weekly Pill Organizer Includes seven portable compartments that are labeled with the day of the week with raised letters and Braille markings. Caregivers will find the pills are easily removed from the curved edges of the pill boxes. Translucent blue or berry colors help to make checking medications easier. Caregivers will find the Carex MediChest Curved Weekly Pill Organizer weekly medication planning system helps organize morning, noon, evening and bedtime medication doses. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. MediChest Curved Weekly Pill Organizer Specifications: Includes: One MediChest Curved Weekly Pill Organizer. Measures: 8-1/4 inches long, 5-3/8 inches wide, 1 inch high. Model: 70600L. Color: Translucent Blue or Lavender (color choice not available).
  • Price: $10.95
  • Easy Open Clear Vials 6-Pack
  • Description: Caregivers providing daily living assistance will find the Easy Open Clear Vials 6-Pack easy to use. For caregivers with limited use of their hands, opening childproof medicine bottles can be difficult and frustrating. These pop top bottles put an end to that frustration! The top on these plastic vials pops open with a gentle squeeze of the sides of the vial. Clear Easy Open Vials are so easy to open, individuals with limited finger strength, weak grip, or stroke victims that have lost the use of an arm will be able to open their medicines independently. Each package includes six clear colored bottles that will easily open. For people with limited hand or finger strength, the vials can be opened by positioning both thumbs on one side while pushing the opposite side against a counter top. These Clear Easy Open Vials hold 30 drams or 1.87 oz, and measure 2-3/4 inches tall, 2 inch diameter. The lid stays attached which prevents it from being dropped or lost. Easy Open Vials are made of BPA free, polyprolene plastic. Easy Open Vials Clear 6-Pack Specifications: Made in: USA. Color: Clear. Material: BPA free plastic. Capacity: 19 drams, 1.19 oz. Measures: 2-3/4 inches tall, 1-1/2 inch diameter. Includes: 6 Easy Open Clear Vials.
  • Price: $6.95
  • Easy Open Vials 5 Pack
  • Description: These Easy Open Vials 5 Pack are different size bottles that are designed to easily open. The attached lid pops open when the sides of the vials are squeezed. The Easy Open Vials are great for people with limited hand or finger strength. By squeezing the sides of the vials, along the top of the vial indicated by arrows, the lid pops open. The vials can also be opened by positioning both thumbs on one side while pushing the opposite side against a counter top. Each package includes five different size vials that are can hold vitamins and medications, paper clips, sunflower seeds or other small items for easy access. The lid stays attached which prevents it from being dropped or lost. Easy Open Vials are made of BPA free, polypropylene plastic. Easy Open Vials 5 Pack Specifications: Made in: USA. Colors: One each amber, red, blue, clear, green. Material: BPA free plastic. Dram Sizes: 13, 19, 30, and 60. Includes: 5 Easy Open Vials. Amber vial dimensions: 60 drams, 3.75 oz, 5-5/16 inches tall, 2 inch diameter, holds exactly 3 golf balls. Red vial dimensions: 30 drams, 1.87 oz, 2-3/4 inches tall, 2 inch diameter, holds 1-1/2 golf balls. Blue and Clear vial dimensions: 19 drams, 1.18 oz, 2-3/4 inches tall, 1-5/8 inch diameter, fifty cent piece size. Green vial dimensions: 13 drams, 0.81 oz, 2-3/4 inches tall, 1-3/8 inch diameter, larger than a quarter.
  • Price: $6.95
  • Carex Detach-N-Go Pill Box
  • Description: The Carex Detach-N-Go Pill Box consists of 7 interlocking AM-PM pill compartments capable of holding 20 aspirin sized pills each. It is ideal for those on a twice daily pill regimen. The Carex Detach-N-Go Pill Box has self-contained compartments with snap-on lids, keeping medications safe and secure. The compartments have curved sides, making it easier to pills out. Each compartment is labeled with the day of the week and the time of day (AM or PM) that is easy to read. Detaching and reattaching compartments is a breeze. To detach, pull the compartment you want to detach straight up, while holding the other compartments in place. To reattach, line up in grooves at the top of a compartment with the grooves at the bottom of another, then slide the compartments together. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Carex Detach-N-Go Pill Box Specifications: Product Weight: 4.3 ounces Product Dimensions: 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1 inch high. Model: DGF00200. Capacity: Each compartment holds 20 aspirin size pills.
  • Price: $5.95
  • Pill Crusher Splitter Cups
  • Description: The Pill Crusher Splitter Cups provide the convenience of cutting and crushing tablets without a sharp razor blade. This pair of durable interlocking cups is easy for caregivers to use for crushing, splitting, mixing and serving medications. Each cup has a grated design in the bottom. For crushing tablets, place the tablet between then rotate the top and bottom cups in opposite directions. The grated design allows for uniform grinding of tablets and eliminates lumps of ungrounded medication. The two cups can then be used to dissolve crushed pills. Simply add liquid, replace top cup and shake to dissolve. For cutting tablets, place the tablet in the triangular shaped area of the cutter and push down on the top cup to split the tablet. Tablets are cut without a sharp metal razor blade and there is no danger of finger injury. Caregivers will find these pill crushing, pill splitting, medication mixing and serving cups are convenient and easy to use. Pill Crusher Splitter Cups Specifications: Includes: One upper and one lower cup. Dimensions: 2 inches wide across top and 1 inch wide across the bottom, 1 3/4 inches high. Each cup measures approximately 2 inches high. Construction: Heavy Duty FDA approved plastic. Color: White. Made in: USA.
  • Price: $6.95
  • Pill Crusher Syringe
  • Description: The Pill Crusher Syringe can crush, liquefy and administer solid medication in one continuous operation. Caregivers who have difficulty administering medication will find this adapted syringe helpful. At times it can be difficult to administer medications when the pills need to be crushed before delivery. This unique pill crushing device has been developed that makes this process easy and painless. Drop medication into the syringe, then crush the medication by twisting the plunger into the syringe. Liquid can then be added and the syringe shaken to mix the medication with the liquid. The dissolved medication can be administered orally or through a tube. The Pill Crusher Syringe is a 60cc dose syringe that is durable and reusable. The catheter tip provides a wide opening so medication mixture will flow through easily. Features include a large thumb loop for easy-pull application, a cap for storing. The barrel has raised, large and easy-to-read graduations, which are calibrated in oz and cc. The syringe can also be used as a regular 60 mL irrigation syringe. Pill Crusher Syringe Specifications: Includes: One syringe with pill crushing grated design inside. Dimensions: 8 inches long. Construction: Heavy Duty FDA approved plastic. Capacity: 60 ml. Made in: USA.
  • Price: $5.95
  • Reminder Rosie Personalized Voice Reminder Clock
  • Description: Are you a caregiver providing in home care to an individual who needs to take medicines multiple times a day at very specific times? Or does your care recipient have trouble remembering appointments, bill payment due dates, or birthdays? With the Reminder Rosie Personalized Voice Reminder Clock loved ones can be reminded of their important events and tasks with personalized voice reminders. The Reminder Rosie Clock is a memory aid LED clock that features a loud alarm and large display. A Rosie Clock can make life a lot less stressful and offer loved ones & care recipients increased safety and more independence. A family member or caregiver can record a reminder such as "It's time to take two red pills and one white pill" at 8:30 am every day. Once the task is accomplished the person can say "Reminder off" or touch Rosie to turn it off. Using revolutionary speech recognition technologies, Reminder Rosie announces multiple loud personalized reminder alarms at specific times, daily, weekly, on a specific date, annually, in any language. Rosie can also tell the time, date or today's reminders to help organize each day. This talking alarm clock provides a simple solution to help users remember medications, appointments, household tasks, social activities and other helpful information without touching any buttons. Reminder Rosie is a low-tech, stress free memory aid that seniors or those with dementia, Alzheimer's or memory loss can actually use. The Reminder Rosie features a hands free option for setting, recording, and managing up to 10 reminders, 6 seconds each. Each one of these 25 alerts may be assigned to a specific time and date, or repeated every day, weekly, and annually. Rosie will respond to a specific voice command, and then prompt the user to complete creating the reminder. Example of Reminder Commands: Record Reminder, Play Reminder, Today's Reminder, Reminder Off. Time & Alarm Commands include: Set Time, Set Alarm, Choose Alarm Sounds, Alarm Off or Snooze. Time & Alarm Questions include: What time is it? What day is it? What is the Alarm Time? Reminder Rosie Personalized Voice Reminder Clock Quick Start Guide Reminder Rosie Personalized Voice Reminder Clock Testimonials Reminder Rosie Personalized Voice Reminder Clock Specifications: Dimensions: 8 inches wide, 4.25 inches high, 2.75 inches deep. Weight: 1 lb. Power: Operates on AC Power with Battery Back Up (3 AAA batteries not included). Operates: By voice or manually. Battery powered: Will work even when power goes off.
  • Price: $79.95
  • Pill Splitter and Crusher
  • Description: The Pill Splitter and Crusher is a great tool for caregivers looking for help cutting or crushing patient medications. This convenient three-in-one device cuts, crushes and stores pills safely. The Pill Splitter and Crusher has a top chamber that easily divides pills while keeping your fingers safe. To split pills, open the top and position the pill in the flat cutting area, then lower the top and close firmly. The sharp blade inside cuts the pill evenly. The top chamber includes a built-in safety shield which hides the blade when the lid is opened. Pills can also be ground into a powder that can be mixed into liquids for easier swallowing. To crush pills, unscrew the top of the unit and place one or two pills into the crushing chamber. Screw the top on and continue to twist until pills are crushed into a fine powder. The bottom chamber can be used to store multiple pills or store unused portions of split pills. The Pill Splitter and Crusher helps caregivers manage medications. Please note: Contains a sharp blade that is for adult use only and is not suitable for children. Pill Splitter and Crusher Specifications: Product Dimensions: 2.1 inches long, 1.2 inches wide, 2.5 inches high. Pill splitter area measures: 1 inch wide, 1-3/16 inch long. Weight: 1.6 ounces. Color: White, green.
  • Price: $9.95
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