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Door Knob Lamp Switch Turners

  • Handy Hook Door Opener
  • Description: The Handy Hook Door Opener is a long reach assistive device for wheelchair users to open locked doors. This adapated door opening aid helps to make reaching and turning door knobs, deadbolts, and door locks easier. Narrow hallways and doorways with limited access can create barriers for wheelchair users, prohibiting them from being able to open a door to enter or exit a location. The Handy Hook Door Opener provides a helpful solution for this problem. The door opener is designed to turn a door knob and help make pulling the door open easier from a distance that is clear of the door’s swing path. Wheelchair users will find this door opening aid is easy to use. The non-slip hook is placed underneath the door knob, letting it freely rest. The user then holds the cushion grip and simply turns the handle to open the door knob. The other end has a special tool designed for unlocking deadbolts and twist locks. The long handle and non-slip grip hook increases torque for the user to easily turn the door knob or lock. The long reach hook is also helpful for turning knobs on washers, dryers, ovens and for pulling car doors open. The Handy Hook Door Opener measures 23.5 inches long overall. The 18 inch long, 0.75 inch wide square handle has a 5 inch cushioned grip. The non-slip hook measures 4.5 inches long and 2.25 inches wide. This lightweight, multi-functional device only weighs 7 ounces and promotes independence for wheelchair users. Handy Hook Door Opener Specifications: Measures: 23.5 inches overall. Handle measures: 18 inches long, 0.75 inch wide, 0.75 inch high. Hook measures: 4.5 inches long, 2.25 inches wide. Material: Aluminum handle, foam rubber cushion grip. Color: Blue.
  • Price: $24.95
  • Great Grips Two Lever Doorknob Grippers 2 Pack
  • Description: The Great Grips Two Lever Doorknob Grippers 2 Pack are non-slip covers that make round doorknobs easy to turn with a closed fist, elbow, or even a single finger. They give everyone, young and old, the ability to grip and turn doorknobs effortlessly. The Great Grips Two Lever Doorknob Grippers 2 Pack are designed to provide extra leverage and grip for individuals with hand conditions that cause grip weakness. Soft and comfortable, these doorknob grips feature two small levers that make gripping and turning round doorknobs unbelievably easy. Great Grips Two Lever Doorknob Grippers 2 Pack are easy to install. The soft material easily stretches to fit over most doorknobs. The material becomes even more flexible after immersing it in hot water for 10 seconds. The center is open to allow for easy access to the keyhole. Two glow-in-the-dark inserts are included. These ADA compliant door knob grips are made of Anti-Bacterial material that is durable, and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The Great Grips Two Lever Doorknob Grippers 2 Pack received Caregiver Magazine’s 2010 Caregiver Friendly® award. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Great Grips Two Lever Doorknob Grippers 2 Pack Specifications: Includes: 2 grippers per package. Color: Clear with glow-in-the-dark inserts. Fits: Most round doorknobs. WARNING: Important information for California residents
  • Price: $12.95
  • Power Grip Turning Tool
  • Description: The Power Grip Turning Tool is an adjustable gripping tool that makes lots of tasks much easier. This easy to use gripping tool is helpful for individuals with limited hand or finger strength to turn small knobs, open childproof bottles, and jars with lids. The Power Grip Turning Tool concentrates the power of the user’s entire hand onto its slip-resistant jaws. This gripping tool has vise-like jaws that adjust to varying widths. The jaws close by squeezing the handles and open by pulling the handles apart. The lightweight handy helper provides users a firm grip with more power for pushing, pulling, picking up, turning, squeezing, or holding. This tool can be used to turn keys, open bottles, jars, medicine bottles (including childproof caps), pull electrical plugs out of electrical sockets, pull weeds, remove pen caps, and, turn knobs and faucets. This device also aids in opening and closing zippers or blinds, pulling on gloves or socks, squeezing toothpaste tubes or clothes pins, or handling small items such as pins, needles, paper clips, and coins. The pocket size tool picks up items that are paper thin up to 4 inches in diameter. The Power Grip Turning Tool helps users with household tasks that require gripping small items. Power Grip Turning Tool Specifications: Measures: 6 inches overall length. Material: High-impact plastic with rubber jaws. Latex free. Grips: Items up to 4 inches in diameter.
  • Price: $39.95
  • Light Switch Extender
  • Description: The Light Switch Extender is a long handle that helps users easily reach light switch on the wall. The unique design allows users to slip the extension rod over any standard light switch. The Light Switch Extender is a 14 inch long handle with rubber cap. The long handle lowers a regular height light switch to a more convenient height. The rubber cap securely fits over the light switch post. Users who have difficulty reaching will find the Light Switch Extender helpful for increasing independence. Light Switch Extender Specifications: Measures: 14 inches long. Materials: Plastic rod with rubber tip. Latex free. Fits: Standard wall light switches.
  • Price: $16.95
  • Turning Knob Operator
  • Description: The Turning Knob Operator (TKO) is an easy to use grip handle designed to make turning odd shaped control knobs on ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers easier. Simply press the handle onto a knob and the retractable pins grip the knob securely for turning. The Turning Knob Operator or TKO has a T handle that measures 5.25 inches long, 1 inch high, 5/8 inch wide. The handle is ergonomically designed for gripping. The gripping area is 2.25 inches wide, but can grip larger irregular shaped knobs. When the pins are pushed the pins against the knob, the pins in contact with the highest points of the knob will depress while the others remain extended. The extended pins engage the sides of the knob so that it turns with the handle. This ergonomic gripping aid can be used in a work or home environment on control knobs on appliances. Users who have difficulty turning knobs will find the Turning Knob Operator helpful for a variety of tasks at home. Turning Knob Operator Specifications: Handle measures: 5.25 inches long, 1 inch high, 5/8 inch wide. Gripping area measures: 2.25 inches wide. Color: Tan.
  • Price: $32.95
  • Leveron Door Knob Lever Package of 2
  • Description: The Leveron Doorknob Lever Adaptor is a universal door knob lever that easily converts a standard door knob into a lever handle. This door knob adaptor fits all types of door knobs regardless of size or shape, and on either side of interior or exterior doors. The Leveron Doorknob Lever Adaptor is easy to install without removing the knob or adjusting any of the existing hardware, and does not require any adhesives. There are no screws or metal grip mechanisms that will discolor or scratch the knob's surface. The center opening allows full key access. This unique door handle aid utilizes a special thermo-plastic fastening system. Unlike metal adapters it is warm to the touch, and will not peel or rust. People who have difficulty gripping a standard door know will find this adapted lever handle provides a very easy way to open the door. Users can push down on the handle with the side of their hand, or push up on the handle with the back of their hand. The handles ideal for anyone who has weak hands, or for someone who simply wants the convenience of a lever door handle. Leveron Door Knob Lever Instructions Leveron Door Knob Lever Specifications: Measures: 2-5/8 inches diameter, 4 inch long handle. Materials: Durable thermoplastic. Gaskets contain natural rubber latex. Color: Almond. Includes: Package of 2 handles, installation wrench.
  • Price: $28.95
  • Door Knob Extender : Package of 2
  • Description: The Door Knob Extender includes two extension handles that provide extra leverage so less pressure is needed to turn a doorknob. People with limited hand function will find these adapted door handles help make opening doors easier. The Door Knob Extender fits over a standard doorknob and allows complete access to keyholes. The handle measures five inches long and easily converts a doorknob into a door lever. The slot allows a cord or string to be inserted for those with limited grasping ability. The handle is easily installed using only a screwdriver, no special tools required. Two Door Knob Extenders are included in each package. Door Knob Extender Specifications: Measures: 5 inches long. Color: Cream beige color. Fits: Round shaped doorknobs 2-1/8 to 2-3/8 inch diameter. Includes: Package of 2. Made in: USA. WARNING: Important information for California residents
  • Price: $19.95
  • Wall Switch Extension Handles
  • Description: The Wall Switch Extension Handles is an easy to attach long handle designed to allow children, wheelchair users, or anyone who has difficulty reaching to easily reach a wall light switch. Each package includes two extensions with mounting hardware. Wall Switch Extension Handles are clear made of clear plastic and add 12 inches to any standard toggle switch. These easy to use handles put wall switches within easy reach of children, wheelchair users or people with limited reach. Screws and bushings are included to attach the extensions to standard toggle light switches for easy access. The handle easily slides up and down to activate the switch as normal. Users who have difficulty reaching will find the Wall Switch Extension Handles helpful for making life a little easier. Wall Switch Extension Handle Specifications: Includes: Two per package. Made of: Molded clear plastic. Attaches: Screws and bushings (included.) Measure: 14 inches long, 1-3/4 inches wide. Fits: Standard single switch plate covers. Made in: USA. WARNING: Important information for California residents
  • Price: $9.95
  • Big Lamp Switch Turners Package of 3
  • Description: The Big Lamp Switch Tuners Package of 3 includes three large triangle shape knobs that are easier to grip. Replacing standard small twist style lamp switches with these large knobs allow users to easily turn on and turn off lamps in their home. The Big Lamp Switch Tuners Package of 3 create more leverage for turning lamp switches and are designed to fits most standard lamps. Just unscrew and remove the regular small switch and replace with this larger one. Each large plastic knob meaures 2 inches in diameter and has a brass shaft protruding from the plastic knob. Users who have difficulty turning a lamp switch will find the Big Lamp Swith Turners Package of 3 helpful for making life easier. Big Lamp Switch Package of 3 Specifications: Measures: 2 inches in diameter. Color: Black. Includes: Package of 3 lamp switches. WARNING: Important information for California residents
  • Price: $26.95
  • Universal Grip Handle
  • Description: The Universal Grip Handle is specially designed to make turning taps, opening and locking doors, switching on an oven, dishwasher or washing machine easier. This ergonomic handle allows the user to grip with both hands if more leverage is needed for hard to turn knobs. The Universal Grip Handle turning aid has an angled ergonomic handle that allows the user to grip with both hands for additional leverage to easily turn difficult knobs. When the spring loaded hexagonal plastic pins are pushed against a knob, they retract, copying the form of the knob and providing a secure grip. This turning aid provides a useful solution to assist a person to turn knobs on and off more easily. Comfortable handle grip helps make daily living tasks, household chores easier for people with disabilities. The Universal Grip Handle gripping handle is a useful solution for people with weak hands who are unable to tightly grip and turn knobs. Universal Grip Handle Specifications: Handle measures: 4.5 inches long, 1.25 inch diameter. Item weighs: 3 oz. Materials: Handle is ABS, Pegs are Polyamide. Designed in: Sweden.
  • Price: $13.95
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