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Date Started February 10, 2007

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A And L Merchants, Inc.

A And L Merchants,Inc. operate several sites for you to view various products from different Merchants. Here you can find information for that certian purchase. When you find the item that you like you will be directed, in a new tab, to that seller, for full detail about that product and how to purchase. We Do Not collect any information about you or your purchase.


A And L Merchants, Inc. owns this web-site and others. No linking or copying of images or text from this website or any site under the control of A And L Merchants, Inc., is allowed.


A And L Merchants, Inc. list general information, of product or service, such as item name, item description and price. The information may be updated from Merchants without our knowledge. We ask if you have a question about an item to PLEASE contact that MERCHANT directly to get clarification before the purchase. We reserve the right to change images, text or information on our websites at any time, for any reason. We reserve the right to update as needed. We reserve the right to make changes to our sites and disclaimers, terms, and conditions at any time without notice to its users. Please ask the MERCHANT before you buy if you are unsure of the item details! We have no control nor do we collect any information about you or your contact with any Merchant or their Policies.


A And L Merchants, Inc. offer these sites to give the viewer a chance to choose products of interest to them. We offer many Merchants at various sites to aid in your gather information for your purchase. When selecting your items you'll be taken directly to the MERCHANTS in a new TAB, offering information on the item before purchasing. We have no control over any part of your purchase or information supplied by you to the MERCHANT.


For this information use our policies or sites please contact us or Please Click Here

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